Drawing Prompt

In our online artist get-togethers, we have been talking quite a bit about the world we find ourselves in within this quarantine. We fret about the lack of hugs and smiles along with warm handshakes. A movie that rings as familiar in all this is Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window. Through the movie L.B Jefferies, a photographer played by Jimmy Stewart observes the world from the frame of his window as the result of an accident that confines him to his apartment.

Rear Window

From his vantage point, he sees the world going on around him and eventually gets caught up in a criminal intrigue he accidentally observes.

Now, a question is what do we hear and observe from our own little apartments and homes? Could an artist draw what they see from their world and instead of holding on to the details, perhaps share their own perspective through their sketches online?

Perhaps, try to avoid being caught up in any murders like Mr Jefferies, or any other unsavory things, but perhaps there is a little bird on the windowsill or the feeling and vision of the spring rain falling outside your window. Why not draw it.

Alternatively, you could just draw a few stills of the movie The Rear Window:

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