Challenge: Sktchy App Drawing

For those who haven’t used it already, There is an app called Sktchy.

Mobin Jahantark

On it, people post photos and other people draw the photos. Interestingly, it allows in the app for you to see your drawing, slide right and see the original picture. Novel concept!

Anyhow, maybe you need a new face to draw… For those interested, let’s try this one today:

Inspiration by Mobin Jahantark

And when you are done, you can get on Sktchy and post it so that Mobin knows too that you drew this picture.


I spent some time drawing this portrait and in the mean-time ran out of one size pen ink (A Pigma Micron #05 and then started using a Pigma Micron #08. This is a motivation to start using a technique that covers the area evenly and works from fully unresolved, to more resolved. That would eliminate any visible transition. I may try this approach in my next drawing.


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